Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Got it working! Netflix on the Droid X2! YAY!

Just got my droid X2 and loaded up this file on to the Droid X2s SD card.  After that, I used Astro File Manager (available in the android market for free) to browse the sd card and install the netflix apk file.

Notes- I used my STOCK Droid X2 which was shipped from verizon.  I did not update it to Gingerbread, it is still running Froyo.

A video will be posted soon to show you potential Dx2 Owners that this works.

Here's the link to the file I used.

Click on "netflix apk" (it's highlighed in red under the picture) and it will download.

I love my Droid X2 so far.  The lack of netflix on it was the only thing keeping me from buying it, but after I heard some people saying it worked, I jumped right on it and I'm SO glad I did!

Peace Out Homies!

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